Origami Ao Dai

June 27, 2006

Origami, Origayou (sorry!)

One of my great passions is Origami. When I was a small kid, I had an uncle who patiently folded all sorts of figures for me: birds, flowers, boats, etc.. He didn’t have any money so he practiced with old newspapers. I loved all his creations and collected the ones he made for me for a long time.

As I grew older, I gradually realized that my uncle’s pieces were simple and crude, and I only kept a couple of them, for their sentimental value. Nowadays, the art of origami has matured and evolved a lot. Instead of the usual cranes and frogs, origami artists are now boldly pushing the envelope and thinking outside the box, to use two tiresome clichés. For example, the piece above is a woman in ao dai, made by Phạm Diệu Huy, a member of the Vietnam Origami Group [http://www.vogvn.org/?view=index&language=English].

There are thousands of other websites dedicated to origami. One of the most famous is Joseph Wu’s website at http://www.origami.as/home.html.

I myself like the buddha shown below. It was made by Takashi Hojyo, whose website is at: http://www11.ocn.ne.jp/~origami/

His works are also shown at: http://www.damnfunnypictures.com/html/Cool-Origami.html

I give myself two years to reach this level of competence and creativity.

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