Designer granted UNESCO insignia

July 26, 2006


For the first time ever a Vietnamese fashion designer has been awarded the UNESCO insignia for his unmatched contributions to ao dai traditional dress.

Vietnamese fashion designer Vo Viet Chung received the insignia from the Viet Nam UNESCO Association last week.

Association general secretary Nguyen Xuan Thang said: “The UNESCO insignia is the way to recognise his contributions to the preservation of intangible cultural values in Viet Nam. He is the first designer to receive the honours.”

The 36-year-old designer has been a part of the fashion world for more than 10 years but has worked mainly with ao dai.

“Traditional material such as My A satin and Tan Chau silk give me a limitless inspiration. I’ve never felt bored with these; silk is a part of Vietnamese culture,” Chung said.

My A’ satin and Tan Chau silk, the main materials of his collections, come from a traditional silk village in his native southern province of An Giang. Mo Ve Chau A (Dream of Asia), Su Hoi Sinh (Restoration of Life) and Huyen (Black) are his current collections that have been presented in international fashion shows in Italy and Germany.

“I love the beauty of Vietnamese traditional culture. I’m sure I couldn’t do anything without my background,” Chung said.

Chung plans on bringing his My A satin creations to Shanghai Fashion Week next month.

Chung won the Excellent Designer prize at the Makuhari International Fashion Contest in Japan in 1997. — VNS


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