Ao dai on Bush as Vietnamese Revenge?

December 2, 2006


Mixed wards: don’t they make you sick?
By Jan Moir

Last Updated: 12:01am GMT 22/11/2006



At the climax of the APEC summit held in Vietnam recently, Bush and Putin, along with other world leaders, were each reluctantly shoe-horned into an ao dai, a traditional flowing garment that is almost exclusively worn by women these days. You’ve got to hand it to the Vietnamese; what a delicious joke. Their own back at last.

The leaders may be big cheeses in their own right, but the gowns made them all look like the reserve cast in a provincial am-dram production of The Mikado. As always, it remains difficult to work out if Bush is Pooh-Bah or just plain Nanki-Poo, although the expression on Putin’s face is pure Pish-Tush.


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