Vietnamese fashion designer to appear on Italy TV

December 20, 2006


A design of Minh Hanh will be introduce on Italy TV.  

Italian national television Rai has invited designer Minh Hanh to show her collection of ao dai’s, Vietnam’s traditional dress, on a special show to be broadcast on Christmas Eve.

Hanh, one of Vietnam’s leading fashion designers, will present her Dragon and Butterfly collection on Alle Felde Del Kilimangiaro, which was shot on Monday.

The collection is a mix of classical European and ancient Asian styles and will be worn by 10 Italian models.

She will also give an interview on current Vietnamese fashion trends.

In June 2006 the collection made a deep impression on visitors at the Spring Festival in Rome.

Source: Nhan Dan, VOV


3 Responses to “Vietnamese fashion designer to appear on Italy TV”

  1. Krysti Vo Says:

    Awesome!! It is great to hear that our Ao Dai is getting international applaud.

  2. Jessica Oh Says:

    Hi, this might be a little late, but i cannot find any other way to contact minh hanh. VTV and KBS are doing a documentary on successful vietnamese people. We would REALLY like to interview Minh Hanh. Please get back to me.
    Jessica Oh

  3. ThuThuy Says:

    Minh Hanh’s a good designer. Many Ao Dai’s style is traditional vietnam. And her, many people know Vietnam as Ao Dai’s Vietnam. I am proud of so i am vietnamese and Ao dai’s like its beautiful .

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