A chat with the ‘Best in ao dai’

July 4, 2008

A chat with the ‘Best in ao dai’
Miss Venezuela Dayana Mendoza in the Duyen Dang Ao Dai charity show last Tuesday.

Thanh Nien tracked down Miss Venezuela Dayana Mendoza – who was judged the Best in ao dai last Tuesday – to find out how she did it and her prospects for the ultimate prize.

Dayana said winning the title at the Charming Ao dai event organized by Thanh Nien in Ho Chi Minh City on June 24 had provided her with more confidence and determination to compete for the Miss Universe crown.

“I was too surprised to believe my ears. I did not think I could be judged the best and given the ao dai I wore at the show,” said Dayana.

“The ao dai is distinguished as it highlights womanly curves while not necessarily showing off any cleavage.”

The beauty said she was also astonished at Vietnam’s peace and hospitality, which was very different from what she had thought about the country before her arrival.

“In our mind, Vietnam is a country of heroes which has been through many wars. Everything is new to me. I am impressed by the bustling and dynamic economy and the open-minded youth here,” said Dayana.

Asked how she is able to be so well-established and confident at the age of 22, Dayana unveiled, “Life is full of experiences. I left Venezuela for New York when I was 15 to start my modeling career. At that time, I could only speak three words in English – hello, bye and thank you. What I have learnt to help me survive is to be of sound mind and to try to adapt to the melting pot.”

“I think the biggest lesson I have learnt is to compose myself in any situation. I was once kidnapped when I was around 10 years old. But I was calm enough to bring out the better side of my kidnapper and take advantage of a moment alone to call the police,” she recalled.

…to the Miss Universe stage

For the Venezuelan star, the winner of the Miss Universe 2008 pageant will possess at least three things.

“First and foremost, she must be determined and try her best but not be vengeful whether winning or losing. The pageant is a competition but also a playground to learn life experiences.

“Secondly, showing competence during the one-month event is another issue. It’s not really long enough but the organizers know how to assess the best. Therefore, making oneself recognized and distinguished from the others is the key.

“And last but not least, one can not win without a little bit of good luck,” said Dayana.

Reported by Do Tuan


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