Vietnamese ’creative entrepreneurs’ tour the U.K.

July 4, 2008

Vietnamese ’creative entrepreneurs’ tour the U.K.
15:16′ 03/04/2008 (GMT+7)
VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnamese designer Ngo Thai Uyen and artist Nhu Huy recently traveled with delegates from East Asia to the United Kingdom on a trip organized by the British Council.

Designer Ngo Thai Uyen works at her company NTU Design Inc. in HCMC.

With stops in Glasgow, Bristol and London, the Creative Entrepreneur trip is a component of the three-year-long Creative City project, which is a cultural and artistic partnership between East Asia and the U.K. to develop cities where global citizens thrive.

The purpose of the trip was for local creative entrepreneurs to network and share ideas with their East Asian and U.K. counterparts and to observe how the British economy has benefited from the Creative Cities project.

The Creative Entrepreneur project aims to support the development of young entrepreneurs in creative industries who are integral to building successful economies.

Uyen, CEO and creative director of NTU Design Inc., said that after the trip she felt more confident as an artist conducting business and understands better how art contributes to the economy. She had the opportunity to learn from U.K. specialists about practical business know-how, which encouraged her to define her products based on real social needs.

The next step for the creative entrepreneurs is to establish a network of like-minded people in the region and in Vietnam. Once the network is established, a series of international seminars, workshops and partnerships between countries in the region and the U.K. will be organized.

Locally, a Vietnamese Creative Entrepreneur Club will be established for the purpose of networking, finding inspiration and keeping up to date with the industry.

The audio-visual project Re-Imagining the City, another component of the Creative City project, took place in Vietnam in January. The project explored how artists influence and are influenced by the cities in which they live and aimed to give artists a voice in how cities are planned and experienced.

(Source: SGT)


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