Thai Tuan’s ao dai collection on display in Japan

September 23, 2008

17:25′ 17/09/2008 (GMT+7)

VietNamNet Bridge – Thai Tuan Garment and Textile Co., Ltd. will stage an ao dai Collection show titled “Dong Son Legend” at the International House in Osaka, Japan yesterday, and in Yoyogi Park in Tokyo on September 20.

Models pose for picture in Thai Tuan’s ao dai collection.

Japan will introduce traditional Vietnamese ao dai with Dong Son brass drum patterns, regarded as one of Vietnam’s Cultural Heritages, during their Cultural Week 2008.

Thai Tuan Co. and Vietnam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs will attend the event on the occasion of the commemoration of 35 years of establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Japan.

The company will take part in the event as a sponsor of the Vietnam-Japan Art Performance Night named “Marvelous Vietnam”.

The “Dong Son Legend” collection is designed with new luxurious materials. Thai Tuan’s designers have added Vietnamese cultural characteristics to each product, expressing a strange and unique style with Dong Son brass drum patterns.

The collection, which is based on Vietnamese Women’s traditional costumes from the three regions of the country, shows the cleverness in selvedges and embroidered patterns creating a new style for modern life.

Thai Tuan Co. will also participate in the Vietnam-Japan Festival with pavilions in Yoyogi Park in Tokyo between September 19 and 21, displaying and introducing Vietnamese women’s traditional ao dai.

(Source: SGT)


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