Ao Dai designer – Lien Huong

September 30, 2008

Lien Huong Dresses Up Vietnamese – American Beauties
Fashion designer Lien Huong has taken 60 of her ao dai to America for the contestants to wear in the 2006 Miss Vietnam USA Open pageant in Las Vegas on September 2.

Designer Lien Huong (in White shirt) and her model (L) and two KBS TV’s reporters (R)

It took her four months to make the modern versions of the traditional Vietnamese outfits, all of them in light tones and most made of crinkled silk.

Lien Huong’s success in the fashion industry can be gauged by her participation in major events in recent years. These include Miss Friendship of the World in Ha Noi in 1999, the tenth anniversary of cultural exchange between Viet Nam and Korea in 2002, and the Charming Vietnam Gala in Australia last year.

And she has been interviewed by Korea’s KBS Television, Japanese television and French television.

The final of the fourth Miss Vietnam USA Open will be contested in the gambling capital of the world by 60 young Vietnamese women from America and elsewhere.

Source TT – Complied by Kim Khanh

Miss Universe contestants to don Ao dai for charity

Eighty Miss Universe 2008 competitors will gather in Ho Chi Minh City on June 24 for Thanh Nien newspaper’s charity show in which they’ll don Ao dai (traditional Vietnamese tunics) created by local designers.

Titled Duyen dang Ao dai (Charming Ao dai), the charity show is organized by Thanh Nien Film and aims to raise money for the Nguyen Thai Binh Fund for disadvantaged students with outstanding academic records.

A woman models ao dais created by designer Lien Huong. Huong will join three other designers in dressing 80 Miss Universe contestants for Thanh Nien newspaper’s charity event on June 24 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Several prizes will be awarded, including one for “Best in Ao dai.”

Four homegrown designers – Sy Hoang, Lien Huong, Vo Viet Chung and Thuan Viet, will dress 20 women each.

Huong, who has been working on the collection for nearly a month says, “I have learnt the different features and attractions of the beauties through several websites to be ableto make the best Ao dai for them.

“My Ao dai are created in bright and colorful velvets and silks, which will accentuate the stunning curves of the Miss Universe contestants.”

Viet, the youngest designer in the show, says he feels pressure to create dresses that are distinguished from those of his seniors.

He says he’s decided to focus on the color black for his collection and will incorporate velvet, lace, crystal and hand embroidery.

The event, directed by Duong Thao with music by composer Duc Tri, will also include performances by popular local singers like My Linh, Phuong Thanh, Ho Ngoc Ha and the boy band AC&M, to name a few.

The charity program is scheduled for 20:00 on June 24 at HCMC’s Hoa Binh Theater, District 10.

Reported by Da Ly

Designer Lien Huong: To Be Reckon With

Ms. Lien Huong (above in white)

If you are a foreigner visiting Viet Nam, there are many famous Vietnamese designers such as Si Hoang, Vo Viet Chung, Kieu Viet Lien but Lien Huong will definitely leave an impression and appeals to the foreign taste.

Lien Huong’s design are versatile and unique ranging from Ao Dai to westernized male attire with her collections and shows appearing in France, Canada, Japan, and America. Her designs have also graced many Miss VietNam winners.

Lien Huong’s designs tend to emphasize fabric, color hues and flowers. She incorporate modern design into the traditional ao dai but still retaining the original form.

You will be sure to have something unique and will find something that suit your taste.


Lien Huong Fashion Showroom

111 Pasteur St, Dist 3, HCMC – VietNam
Tel : (011848) 822-6074 / 823-9931
Fax: (84-8) 8.294.865
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Lien Huong Fashion Shop & Store

Tel : (84-8) 8.626.855
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Cell phone : (84)90 377 1182
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Please connecting to LIENHUONG designer directly :
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Website: LienHuong

Vietnam “fashion brands” in foreign countries
09:20′ 25/11/2006 (GMT+7)
HA 966415 gi đến 996 để nhn ảnh này
A traditional dress designed by Sy Hoang.

Famous names such as Sy Hoang, Minh Hanh, Lien Huong, Kieu Viet Lien, Le Minh Khoa, Vo Viet Chung, and so on are becoming familiar with foreign customers.

Arriving in Hongkong, one will certainly be amazed by several fashion shops of Le Minh Khoa and those products in luxury shops in one of Asia’s well-known fashion centres. Khoa’s fashion shops were also opened in Quzang Chou of China.

Khoa said “to tell the truth, my customers are those who have been traveling a lot around the world. Whenever they choose a design, the first thing to think is profit. Apart from China, my fashion designs can be found in America, Australia, and Malaysia. American customers were once surprised at our designs. They said that the designs and quality of Vietnam’s fashion are luxurious. I think, in the future, foreign friends will get to know more about “made in Vietnam” fashion”.

For Viet Hung, it was not a smooth road for Viet Hung designs to get into foreign markets. It is easy to be “chucked out”. His four years of endless effort brought about 4 shops in America, 2 shops in Canada, 2 in Australia, 2 in Germany, and 1 in the Czech Republic.

“Besides America and Pacific countries, I have been trying my best to raise the number of my shops to over 30. Many parts of my products are hand made”, said Viet Hung.

Kieu Viet Lien is a top qualified designer in Vietnam with 2 degrees granted by Australia and France. After three years striving for the name Viet Lien, her products have been known by large numbers of American, French and Australian customers. She concentrates on wedding stuff, evening dress, and embroidery. It was thought that the price of Vietnamese fashion products in foreign markets is much more expensive than in domestic markets. Nevertheless, Kieu Viet Lien insisted on the opposite; the price is often the same or lower than the one in domestic markets. Foreign customers’ favorite materials are silk, velvet, taffta, …

Young designer Cong Tri has a number of customers from Japan, Singapore and Australia. A Japanese customer of Cong Tri said that Vietnam’s fashion designers are catching up with the world fashion. He said “looking at any fashion collection, it is easy for us to recognize products from Vietnam’s designers.”

And recently, hundreds of Lien Huong’s designs stunned numerous audiences at her shows in France, Canada, Japan and especially America. Lien Huong’s designs range from the national dress, the ao dai, to male western clothing and female evening dresses. Miss Australia was fond of Lien Huong’s national dress design. Striving for space in foreign markets, Lien Huong has been devoting her time in finding new designs keeping up with modernity and mixing with tradition.

At the moment, it remains too early to be proud of Vietnamese fashion names in the world but no one could deny the never-ending effort of national designers. It is expected that Vietnam’s fashion will be present among the top names in the world fashion and shopping centers.

(Source: Thanh Nien)

Ao dais charm Universe beauties

Thanh Nien’s charity show Duyen Dang Ao dai (Charming Ao dai), which gathered all Miss Universe 2008 contestants together, won rave reviews in Ho Chi Minh City last night.

Despite nearly tripping on stage in the unfamiliar costume, Miss Venezuela Dayana Mendoza last night won the Best in Ao dai title in Thanh Nien newspaper’s charity show in Ho Chi Minh City.

Tickets to the Duyen Dang Ao dai show were sold out as no one wanted to miss the chance to see 80 Miss Universe contestants donning Vietnamese ao dais by four famous local designers.

The contestants were divided into four groups to parade along Hoa Binh Theater’s stage with four different collections of ao dais.

With the traditional designs of Lien Huong, the black-dominated collection of Thuan Viet, the colorful designs of Si Hoang and the highly stylized ao dais of Vo Viet Chung, the beauties all seemed to become Vietnamese maidens with their trademark grace while walking and performing with ao dais.

Looking glamorous in a Vo Viet Chung ao dai, Venezuelan Mendoza defeated four other nominees – Miss Vietnam, Miss India, Miss Thailand and Miss Kazakhstan – to take the Best in Ao dai title.

Mendoza was the first choice of the jurors, which included Thanh Nien’s Editor-in-chief Nguyen Cong Khe and Miss Universe 2007 Riyo Mori.

Mendoza said she didn’t expect to win the title.

“For the first time ever, multi-cultural values mingle with ao dai, creating an international exchange and extravaganza that helps beautiful women from different backgrounds understand one another much more as wellas focuses on Vietnamese features,” said Thanh Nien’s Khe.

After raising more than US$23,000 at the Thanh Nien-organized charity auction on Monday, the Ao dai show illustrated again how considerate the Miss Universe contestants have been to disadvantaged Vietnamese people.

Upon their arrival in Vietnam last week, the 80 Miss Universe contestants jumped straight into preparing for the ao dai event with a fitting session.

“Why must this skirt go with trousers?” Miss Curacao Jenyfeer Mercelina asked designer Vo Viet Chung.

Entering the fitting room, Jenyfeer was still wondering how to wear the costume.

But she was transfixed by her reflection and was reluctant to take the outfit off.

No sooner had she buttoned up her long tunic, Miss Brazil Natalia Anderle was ready to show off her outfit.

But the beauty was embarrassed to discover she was only wearing half of it.

She didn’t realize the trousers were part of the ensemble, thinking she was supposed to wear an evening dress split to the hip.

Some contestants, including Misses Guam, Turkey and Poland, also created amusement by wearing their trousers back-to-front.

The designers were enthusiastic about showing the girls the most attractive ways of sitting, walking and performing in the traditional Vietnamese costume.

The beauties were also advised to wear high-heeled sandals and jewelry to be more appealing on stage.

“Amazing!” “Unbelievable” or “Magic ao dai” were the words the beauties shouted from their fitting rooms.

Last night, as they walked on the stage of Hoa Binh Theater, 2,000 people were stunned at how stunning the contestants looked in Vietnam’s traditional dress.

“It is amazing to see so many beautiful girls gathered in one place in such a wonderful costume like ao dai,” said Michael Smith from Australia.

“I wished I could sit closer to the stage.”

Another Australian audience member, Don McDonald said: “Everything was so wonderful, the girls, the ao dais, the music and the organizing,” he said.

“Miss Venezuela was very beautiful but of course my choice is Miss Australia,” McDonald said.


After a visit to Quang Nam provincial People’s Committee Office, sightseeing at the five-star Nam Hai Hoi An Resort and playing games and sports at the Palm Garden Resort, the beauty contestants will join a parade led by Miss Universe 2007 Riyo Mori in local pedicabs, decorated with their national flags and symbols.

A traditional musical show will be held this evening in the ancient town, where organizers and performing artists will put on an extravaganza, bringing back to life scenes from the city’s history for the enjoyment of the pageant contestants.

(L to R) Miss Finland Satu Tuomisto, Miss France Laura Tanguy, Miss Georgia Gvantsa Daraselia and Miss Germany Madina Taher modeling Vietnamese ao dais at Ho Chi Minh City’s Hoa Binh Theater last night.

Inner Sanctum


French designer brings expertise to VN fashion

Pascale Valery Tung Lam, a fashion designer for Thai Tuan Garment and Textile Company, designed the 2008 Miss Viet Nam Collection for the 30 ladies who competed for the title of the country’s most beautiful woman in Hoi An. Vo Le Hong spoke with the French-Vietnamese woman.

I studied the history of the Vietnamese dress, the ao dai, and met Lien Huong, a famous fashion designer of ao dai. I invited her to France and suggested to UNESCO that the ao dai be classified as intangible heritage. During my stay in Viet Nam, I worked as a fashion consultant to producers like IGTC, Vita Jean, Sai Gon 2, and Sanding. Now I work for Thai Tuan Company.


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