ao dai – isabelle du

June 19, 2010


18 Responses to “ao dai – isabelle du”

  1. Dina Says:


    I wonder, do you know whos designer for this ao dai?


  2. tuyet Says:

    I second that question. The “ao dai – isabelle du” is beautiful. Where can I get one made?

  3. Y Hoang Says:

    Bài hàng hiệu hay quá

  4. Tuyet Says:

    Wow… who designed this dress? It’s georgous!

  5. Phuong Says:

    ao dai nay toi co the mua o dau?
    co the gui cho toi dia chi duoc khong?
    hay toi co the dat hang qua dau.

  6. Hanh Nguyen Says:

    Tôi muốn đặt may 1 áo dài chất liệu và kiểu giống như trên, vui lòng cho biết giá.

  7. Tuyet Says:

    Phuong & Hanh, I had this made for my wedding reception. Not sure what size you girls are but if you’re interested, give me your email and I’ll contact you outside of this post.

  8. Tuyet Says:

    Dear ’em’,…reply with your email and I’ll send some piks of it.

  9. Hieu Phan Says:

    Hi Tuyet,

    i would like to get pics and contact information of the designer, please?! Thank you!

  10. Vy Says:

    Hello Tuyet,

    Could I also get information on this ao dai, please? my email address is Thank you!


  11. Jayne Says:

    Hello Tuyet –
    Can you send information to

    Cam on, Chi.

  12. Joanna Says:

    Dear tuyet – could you also email me the information on this ao dai and designer? Thanks so much!

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