Directors Statement:

June 26, 2006

Why make a documentary on the Ao Dai? It all started with a great exhibition of the Ao Dai in San Jose ( at the Museum of Quilts and Textiles. At this event, I had the honor to meet people who loved Vietnamese culture. I would also like to thank the people who put on this event as inspiration for this project. I think the Ao Dai itself is very important because I think as a VietQ and being born in America, the younger generation sees lots of sad stories of war over and over and over again and we sometimes push anything Vietnamese away.(Vietnamese Opera anyone?) My goal is to learn the history of things that fascinate me such as the Ao Dai, and hopefully change the younger generation (me included) and our perceptions of the culture of Vietnam. The Ao Dai to me is a symbol of Vietnamese people, classy, unique, and beautiful. Through this documentary, I hope to learn about the culture of Vietnam as well as collect as many photographs as possible, from old black/white photographs, to Ralph Lauren Ao Dai inspired clothes.