I am looking for old photos of Ao Dai and people that can help me with the history of the Ao Dai.  I am also looking for LOTS of pictures of the Ao Dai, including OLD and NEW photos. Also RARE photos such as big name Ralph Lauren inspired Ao Dai’s are

My list of those to find information and basically the actual person or friends/families/historians who knows about:

1. Nguyen Cat Tuong
2. Madam Nhu
3. Air Vietnam Ao Dai designers
4. Ngo Viet Thu, Vo Thi Co (architects)
5. Nhi T. Lieu – Scholar
6. Doi Moi, 1986
7. Minh Hanh – designer
8. Bao Phu Nu – Magazine 1st beauty pageant
9. Truong Quynh Mai – best nation costumne
10. Le Si Hoang – designer ***(part interviewed)
11. Le Minh Khoa
12. Le Phuong Thao – designer
13. Monica Thoa Tran – designer of trust fund baby
14. Thai Nguyen
15. Ngo Thaoi Uyen – designer
16. Huyen Trang – designer
17. Ngo Viet – collector
18. Nam Son – collector in Saigon
19. Ngan An – Hanoi designer
20. Thuy thuy Shop – Hoi An **(interviewed)
21. Chi shop – Hue **(interviewed)
22. Calvin Hiep – Designer, Paris by night
23. Mary To – Producer, Paris by night
24. ANY PHOTOGRAPHS of dresses/designers who were influeced by the Ao Dai