Press Release

June 26, 2006

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Press Release

For Immediate Release

Contact: Donny Tran 323.244.6140

“The Ao Dai Documentary: Past, Present and Future” needs your help

(HCM, Vietnam) After going to an Ao Dai gallery at the Quilt and Textile Museum in San Jose, Donny Tran found his inspiration for his documentary. His goal was to make a mini documentary that showed the past, present and future of the history of the Ao Dai.

Who started the Ao Dai? How has it changed? What political significance does it have? Who wears them today? Will Viet Q’s continue the tradition?

Donny’s documentary takes him from San Jose, California to Saigon and Hue, Vietnam. He will continue his documentary by filming designers in Santa Ana and scholars around the world through email.

The documentary of the Ao Dai is an example of how beautiful the country of Vietnam is.

However, he still needs your help finding images, and historians of the Ao Dai, before the history is lost.

So he created a site: in hope that people can email him w/ information and pictures that he will post.

More information about Donny’s Ao Dai documentary, please go to

“The Ao Dai Documentary: Past, Present and Future” is produced and funded by Donny Tran. Those who would like to help sponsor this project please see below or feel free to email me at